Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

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Library Program

Our fully stocked and professionally staffed library is a place where our library program is carried out. We have specific library course once a week, presenting our students a whole picture of what is the library, what is the culture of a library and how we should behave in the library. In this library program, the teacher will lead students to make full use of reading material to promote their understanding and reading strategies. We will also help students learn how to find, to identify, to save, and to use information. Finally, students will be equipped with the ability to create, to inquire and to study independently. Our program enables students to be passionate about study, to be good at study and to become lifelong learners. 

Co-Curricular Activities

Extra Sports and Art Program

At CSN, selective and customized courses are provided after class. We offer two 60-minute periods of class for sports and arts respectively and students will pick at least one item for both areas. 

  • Our sports courses include baseball, football, basketball, football, badminton, fencing, golf, rock climbing, Taekwondo, wushu, aerobics, etc.; 

  • Our art courses include painting, calligraphy, pottery, photography, drama, instrumental music, dance, chorus, speech, etc.

Programming and Robotics Courses

With the coming of AI age, programming, as the tool of communication between human and computer, will become one of the basic subjects all over the world. Our school will offer programming and robotics courses, systematically guiding children to study programming language, to improve the sensitivity to numbers, and to cultivate numerous skills like concentration, practical ability, logical thinking, abstract thinking and problem solving.

Outdoor Inquiry

“Take the world as a book and draw everything into the classroom.” is the essence of our Research & Touring Program. According to different grade levels, our program is designed within six major categories, namely nature, geography, history, humanities, science technology and experience, from which students can choose research subjects according to their interest. The purpose of the program is to lead students to a broader world beyond the classroom, where they can experience, explore and cooperate with others in order to actively acquire knowledge and apply the knowledge to solve real world problems. Naturally, they will develop characteristics and abilities which can make them well-prepared for the future.