Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

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The entire campus of CSN covers a construction area of more than 33,000㎡, possessing 6 buildings with a basketball court, a football field, and an aerial playground. Also, a variety of special rooms are designed including a Cafeteria, a Theater, a Library, a Dance Hall, a Health Center, Piano Rooms, Atelier, Music Rooms, STEAM Rooms, Creational Labs, a Pottery & Carpenter’s Workshop, little gardens etc. Based on “child-centered” philosophy, we well make use of the indoor activity areas and integrate purpose-designed multiple functional classrooms with CSN’s featured Gallery Culture. For example, the Art Gallery on the 3rd floor echoes with the static functional classrooms such as a library, a mental health center, art rooms, and a calligraphy room on the same floor. The dynamic Science & Technology Gallery on the 4th floor corresponds to STEAM rooms, a discovery room, a creative room and music rooms on the same floor. Therefore, students can have various experience on different floors. At CSN, we make our campus multifunctional by delicate design, trying to create all kinds of “Informal Learning Areas” to flexibly meet the different teaching needs. We hope our students can develop interest and learn actively in an environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable campus.

24-hour Constant Temperature & Humidity

At Concordia, our 24-hour constant temperature & humidity air system is water circulated and can not only provide a comfortable learning environment but also ensure a green campus.


▲York system is one of the world's largest HVAC providers, which provides temperature solutions for Parliament Building, Hong Kong Times Square, China National Grand Theater etc.

World's Top Furniture Vendors & Designers

We believe that classroom is a child-centered, active and supportive learning space. To further improve learning participation and teaching efficiency, we work with world's leading furniture brands to build a healthy, comfortable, safe and active learning ecosystem for students. Superior furniture and 100% environmentally friendly materials are equipped in all classrooms. Various corners are well designed for functional use. Special indoor activity areas are carefully planned to fully develop the community awareness of children.

SSS Standard of Smart Campus

“Safe, Smart and satisfied” are the core values when we build our Smart Campus.

  • Safe: Information security and campus safety are always regarded as the priority of CISN. We adopt multiple intellective measures to ensure this.

  • Smart: Smart campus ecosystem is established at CISN, which will provide a cozy and comfortable study environment for all students and faculty by adjusting intelligently of the indoor temperature, humidity, etc.

  • Satisfied: CISN uses state-of-the-art technology like MAXHUB Interactive Whiteboard, whole campus WIFI coverage, telework system etc. to promote the teaching and working efficiency.

Extensive & Environmentally Friendly Sports Facilities

▲The Non-Toxic HTPE Elastic Track obtained the National Patent Certificate

▲FIFA standard football field

▲Aerial Playground, well designed for badminton, tennis, golf etc.

▲Mini-Basketball Playground well suitable for young children