Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

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Massive learning resources


The school library is open to all teachers, students and parents. The library has a rich collection of Chinese and English books, and the collection is still increasing. Our fully stocked and staffed library has a full range of graded reader-books and special extension programs. Each grade level has an extensive range of materials from song-books to poetry, and fiction to fantasy. Subject-related books and more nuanced choices are available as the students advance through the grades. The library is warm and comfortable, quiet and pleasant. With a strong academic atmosphere, students can develop their linguistic abilities in both English and Chinese independently.

Our professional librarians will also try their best to provide students with reading guidance, book list recommendation and other help, which aims to help students develop good reading habits, improve inquiry skills, and enjoy themselves in reading. Thematic activities held in campus like Reading Week and World Book Day contribute to building an active reader community and encourage students to apply their cultural literacy and information literacy in the real world. We always focus on the learning needs and interests of students, and regularly purchase newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and subscription databases that are suitable for students accordingly.



Information technology is an essential skill for every student in the future. CSN attaches great importance to information technology learning, and emphasizes the correct application of the acquired skills. At CSN, we embrace technology to enhance learning while building a community of learners. Our innovative curriculum includes components to address online learning. MAXHUB interactive whiteboard in each classroom enables the use of a wide range of specialist teaching aids. Also, students have access to various online learning resources and learn to utilize state-of-the-art technology with confidence and responsibility. iPads are used in the most appropriate manner throughout all grade levels.