Kindergarten Primary School
Kindergarten Primary School

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Our Story

Concordia International School (CSN) covers a construction area of 33,000㎡, which is located in the prosperous Sanjiangkou area, adjacent to the city's new landmark "Ningbo Tower", and surrounded by many municipal projects including a high-end commercial mall, residential areas, and an urban central park. Holding the philosophy of “Embraces the uniqueness of each individual learner to equip them for the future”, CSN focuses on a holistic approach to child-centered development to bring out the best in students.

In May 2018, the well-known education brand "Concordia" was introduced by Ningbo Education Bureau, and then two sister schools, Concordia School Ningbo (CSN) and Zhejiang Ningbo Concordia International School Ningbo (CISN), were born as the supporting projects of the “Ningbo 3315 Plan". Thanks to the Concordia Education System, one of the most developed and influential private education systems in the world, CSN works closely with its sister school (CISN) in school operation, curriculum design, teachers’ professional development and so on to ensure a long-term prosperity.

On the basis of inheriting Chinese history & culture and establishing a sense of national identity, CSN takes the Chinese national curriculum as the core, integrating Chinese and foreign cultures, their curricula and the way learning takes place to meet the educational needs of all prospective families. Together with academic excellence, CSN is deeply rooted in Chinese values, striving to cultivate competent global citizens with a strong international outlook.