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Kindergarten Primary School

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Message Form the Principal


The mission statement in Concordia School Ningbo is "Helping students to achieve the very best of themselves through holistic education and personal development.” We set the national curriculum as the cornerstone of our curriculum and integrated progressive teaching and learning approaches from both the east and west to provide a rigorous "Y" shaped curriculum that extends and deepens students' knowledge, skills and competencies. We respect and celebrate each student’s personality and uniqueness by offering high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that meet the needs of all students.


Through a balanced curriculum, students are engaged in a series of diverse, profound, dynamic and life-value integrated courses which guide them to become the best version of themselves both academically and non-academically. Our learning spaces in school stimulate students' curiosity, interaction, participation and reflection, so as to allow all students' abilities to flourish.


In Concordia, teachers, parents and school administrators work closely together to support students in a variety of ways. This vibrant, inclusive and multicultural community is the bedrock of Concordia’s high-quality education which lays the foundation for students' holistic development and lifelong learning while supporting them to become Chinese citizens who are rooted in China with global perspectives!



It’s All About Languages


We all know that language is a tool for communication and thinking. We usually think that language is composed of words, sentences and stories, but we often forget other "language".


123, G=mg, 0 and 1... —— Mathematical language, scientific language and computer language allow us to accurately communicate abstract and logical thoughts, helping us to understand the world more objectively.


,,…Artistic language is an important form for us to feel beauty, express beauty, and create beauty. It is also a unique way to express our understanding and emotional attitudes towards the world around us.


The expression and understanding of language are also the objective needs of children's physical and mental health and social development. From birth, young children are eager to communicate with others through gestures, sounds, movements and natural language. They are social people. Their intrinsic motivation is to exchange thoughts, ideas, confusion and emotions, and to express themselves through a series of "language". Accordingly, by establishing a healthy relationship with others, they can continuously improve their understanding of symbols, abstraction, imagination and creative thinking skills.


We say that “A child is made of one hundred.” --- 100 languages, 100 ways of thinking, 100 pattens of expressing themselves, and 100 techniques do deal with the problems.


In a nutshell, we realize the infinite possibilities of children through these “100 languages”.


We hope every child can find their own “languages” at CSN.