Testimonials From Shooting Stars & NRA Students




I am one of Debbie Albright's head coaches on the Shooting Stars team and I also coach on the range with her NRA classes. I am thrilled to make a recommendation for her!


I first met Debbie after moving to Sierra Vista from California. My cousin, Tanya, took Debbie's very 1st class. She had always been nervous around guns, and after taking the class, she called me and was just singing Debbie's praises and telling me how I HAD to take this class and join the club!


I emailed and signed up immediately! When I first arrived at class, I was looking around for a woman that I thought would walk like a man and was 7 feet tall! What I found was a little lady, decked out in pink and sparkles, that had a confidence that made her look 7 feet tall! (Did I mention she even had a pink handled pistol??)


Within minutes of class, she's telling us how she'd never used a gun before a couple of years ago, and I thought, "OH BOY! This isn't the class Tanya told me about...what could SHE ever teach ME? Ha, I've been a Marine's wife for 25 years, raised 4 children, been raised with guns and hunting all my life, I'm absolutely comfortable with guns! I won't learn anything!"


Another 20 minutes and I'm leaned forward, saying to myself, "UNBELIEVABLE! I AM learning...and this is good stuff!" WHY? Because it was being taught from a woman's point of view!


Within that month I was out on the range, training with Debbie and her other coaches, and I have yet to look back!


I have seen women come to this class, LITERALLY CRYING and TREMBLING with fear! I have seen them sit and not be able, due to past abuse and fear, not be able to touch the table with the pistols on it...let alone fire it!


With Debbie's strong self confidence, assurance, pats on the back, and lack of pressure, not ONE has left the range without trying it out! ALL of them leave with a different walk...a tall, proud and confident walk!


Since starting with Debbie, I've seen a variety of experiences in the women who come to her classes. I have seen the scared ones, as I mentioned above, others being raised that guns are bad, military women who thought that they knew how to shoot, and finding that they could do so much more when they learned what she had to offer! Others came to just learn how to enjoy a day with the man in their life, and end up showing the men how it's done! (It's great to be in the background and here a proud, confident woman say, "Here Honey, let ME show you how to hold that!" and next thing you know, he is shooting better than ever!) She has many ladies that have gone from never shooting, who are now trying their skills at the different competition shooting events and contests that are offered at the ranges!


It's like watching caterpillars being gently guided from their cocoon, turning into beautiful, confident butterflies that are ready to take flight on their own! Just knowing Debbie and watching what happens when these women transform is such a blessing! Seeing her from the very beginning, watching her grow, and knowing that she has released over 300 of those butterflies, is just AWESOME!!!!! Seeing Debbie jump around like a little kid at a birthday party, and giving everyone hugs and high fives, gives all of us a boost in our walk at the end of the day!! Knowing that I am a part of that is very rewarding!


Debbie has brought a gift to Cochise County in the way of teaching ladies to walk tall and proud, knowing that it's okay that they know how to carry and/or shoot a gun if they needed to! Many will never be a victim again, while others are enjoying their new found skills!


Proud to be one of Debbie's SHOOTING STARS, Toni M.




My name is Linda. I grew up in the country in Minnesota, my Dad was a cop and I was in the Air Force during Viet Nam, so I never thought I would fear guns. My father I'm sorry to say was a sick jerk who on more than one occasion used his service weapon to threaten and intimidate his family. Then in my mid 30's I met a man who was a veteran and he had lots of guns. I always assumed he knew how to properly use them so the day he was cleaning his firearm and it discharged, almost hitting my hip as the bullet passed through the stereo and then the wall I was both shocked and amazed. However I let it go because "accidents happen and we all make mistakes" Months later we were out in the Arizona desert shooting. I went to check the targets and a bullet whizzed by my head: so close I swear I could feel it. Of course my partner said, "I didn't know it was loaded." That very same day one of his other girlfriends showed up at our home. I moved out but never discussed any of the incidents nor the abuse because I was ashamed. For over 20 years I did not shoot another gun. I did meet and marry a wonderful man, Kevin but big problem; he also loved guns and always wanted to go out shooting. Amazing how many excuses I came up with but he never pushed it. Then we bought property very close to the Mexico border and my husband went to Afghanistan. Every day he worried about me being alone so close to the border and he kept encouraging me to call Debbie and The Shooting Stars as we'd seen an article in the paper before he left. Finally, to relieve his worries I gave Miss Debbie a call and she became my mentor. Was it easy to finally face my fears? Hell No!!! I still get the shakes sometimes and I still have doubts but with Debbie’s guidance I have come along way. The Shooting Stars program has offered patience, a safe place to enjoy shooting and no one there ridicules or judges me for stupidity. We are encouraged to grow and have fun but always with safety being # one. With the ongoing classes offered we continue learning and knowledge is power. When there are doubts, there is always someone to see us through. I love going to the range to be with all my new friends. So thank you coaches and thank you Miss Debbie for holding my hand, listening to my fears and guiding me in a sport that is so much FUN! Linda




I am proud to add my testimonial about Debbie Albright. I was in Debbie’s first class in June of 2007. I sure did get more than I ever dreamed! Debbie is so knowledgeable about what it takes to run a safe range. Her class is fun, informative with the emphasis that safety is number one. Through her encouragement, several of us have become NRA certified Range Safety Officers. Many of us are working on the NRA Handgun Qualification Course. Debbie also has rifle and self defense classes. There is something for everyone!


But that’s not all! Debbie has also organized evenings with just the coaches and their spouses. This has given us the chance to bond and plan new challenges for the experienced shooters.


Debbie does all of this with a professional yet warm demeanor. All the ladies love her! Working with Debbie and “The Shooting Stars” these past two years has been fun and extremely rewarding. I look forward to continuing this wonderful venture for a long time! Audie “O.”




Debbie Albright has been an extremely significant addition to the group building and operating the Sierra Vista Shooting Range. Her leadership and initiative has been essential to the development and operation of the ladies program. Her hard work in developing new female shooters adds much both to the range and to the shooting sports by helping to change attitudes and misconceptions about firearms and the shooting sports. Bruce J.




I met Deb Albright about a year ago at the Shooting Stars Women's shooting club. A year later I have confidence I did not know I had. I feel empowered and no longer feel like a middle aged woman who is a walking potential victim. Deb has guided me through learning NRA basic pistol, and the NRA class on personal defense in the home. She is also working with me on getting ready for the NRA rifle class. She encouraged me to obtain my concealed weapon permit. All of these things have boosted my self confidence and self image, and made safety a number one priority when using firearms. She is an exceptional representative of the NRA. Sophia




Debbie Albright is a dedicated woman who I have known for about six or seven years. I first met Debbie when I was a teacher for the Annie Oakley Sure Shots women's shooting program in Phoenix. Debbie showed an enormous talent for shooting and brought her wonderful sense of humor and passion for shooting to our program. As a teacher, Debbie was patient with our students and made many friends. She not only taught fundamentals of shooting but also lead our one hour orientation class which introduced women to the sport of shooting. Debbie was always open to learn new skills and completed NRA courses in Rifle and Pistol. When Debbie moved to Bisbee, she wanted to continue teaching women and started a program of her own. Debbie has dedicated herself and sacrificed to making her "Shooting Stars" a success. Love, Alice




The orientation for new shooting stars was great today. It is everything I'd hope for and I am rare'in to go. I wanted to stay for the gun cleaning, but had a prior appointment. Need the knowledge as I will be maintaining any gun I may purchase in the future. So far, I am favoring the Beretta Neo like Audie had today. Most comments on line were positive saying it is accurate, fun, and relatively inexpensive to purchase and feed. A few had put scopes on it and I need to learn more about such things.
I would like to take the Basic Pistol Course, but my daughter is having surgery on June 26 in Glendale, so I can't attend your June 27 & June 28 class. Please let me know when you schedule another class.
Thank you for bringing this service to Cochise County. Best wishes, Helen




Hey Debbie,

I had a blast with you. I loved it, and absolutely want to continue. I was given a .38 taurus which is being held in a gun safe for me. I had the opportunity to shoot, just to get a feel. I want more classes with you. My boyfriend is very behind all this. Thanks, Ingrid




Testimonial for Debbie Albright


After losing my husband to cancer I was for the first time in my life “alone”. One night I was awoken at 2 a.m. to find someone trying to break into my house. I was terrified. I watched as the knob kept trying to turn on my locked bedroom French door that went to an outside patio. I had a gun in my nightstand drawer but even more terrifying was the fact that I had no idea how to use it. Fortunately the intruder gave up and left. However, that horrible moment lived on in my mind and I began the search for someone to help me learn how to safely and knowledgeably use a handgun.


For 3 years I went to gun shops/events in my area hoping to find classes or instructors to teach me how to accomplish my objective. Only to find that I was cajoled, patronized and borderline mocked as to why a “woman” would need to learn how to use a handgun. My efforts were fruitless but I did learn a few things. Most of all that I didn’t appreciate being treated like a second-class citizen. I love you guys and I wasn’t trying to prove anything….I just needed help.


Then someone told me about this new gal in town who started a woman’s shooting club in a neighboring town. By this time I was contemplating going out of state to a gun camp. As discouraged as I had become my heart double jumped at the idea that there was actually a “local woman’s group” to teach a “lowly female” how to feel comfortable with a gun… at this point I didn’t even have a hand gun anymore. The one I had turned out to be non functional. ….good thing I didn’t try to use that on the intruder. Soooo……


“Every Journey Starts with that First Step”


I called Debbie Albright and left a message. I went to her orientation class still not sure if I was going to find a combat army gal, a drill sergeant or a wanna-be gunslinger. After all my other disappointing experiences I really wasn’t looking forward to another one. Debbie was charming, funny, engaging, knowledgeable, and an NRA certified instructor who not only took her job of teaching ladies how to shoot and handle guns seriously but foremost, how to do it safely. The camaraderie and interaction between herself and her hand picked, well-trained and capable coaches immediately put all of us newbie’s at ease. While she kept an open and humorous atmosphere she consistently and firmly inserted what was needed to make a person a good gun handler in a totally safe way.


So here I am. No longer terrified of how to use my now four guns but confident and empowered by a little bit of a gal who knows what she is doing and willing to take the time to share her talents and knowledge with others in need. The whole world needs more people like her.


Thank you Debbie for being who you are and thank you God for sending her to our little corner of the country in Cochise County, Arizona. Sharon






I can’t thank you enough for having the NRA Personal Protection Class. I learned so much and had a great time!


I hope you will pass on my thanks to Coach Jim for pointing out about watching my target and beyond, and my gun position. Daniel and I have been talking about our safe room and back up plan, and Jim's teaching point really made me think about my neighbors and where a shot can go.


Please let Coach Jim and Coach Steve know how much we appreciate their time and their experience.


You are all really brave to take us on! “Dakota”






I just wanted you to know that the graduate shoot was great. You and your team are doing an awesome job.


As much as I hate guns, I like the sporting challenge of it and it turned out to be fantastic. I love bow and arrow target practicing and I never thought shooting a gun was just as much fun I had with a bow and arrow.


Please keep me posted on all your events as I like to squeeze into my calendar all the activities you are planning.


Thank you for a great time on the range. Linda




Thank you, thank you, and thank you.


I had such a good time yesterday. I was terrified when I started, and as you promised, I felt pretty good about things when I left. I'm planning to buy a .22 for practice, and I plan to start coming to the range. I'm interested in the NRA class, but I'll be out of town next week-end, so let me know about the next one.


The fact that you all are so safety conscious made me feel very comfortable with something that has always scared the daylights out of me. I must admit that I shook the whole time I loaded the first clip, and I had tears running down my cheeks when I aimed and fired at the first target, but after that I realized the gun wasn't going to jump out of my hand and kill someone. I had so much fun. I think you have another convert on your hands.


I'm sure you have heard all of this before, but I'm truly grateful for you and your group. You promised me I would feel good when I left and you were right.


See you soon. Hugs, Pat






I wish I could have gotten to our next Shooting Star Graduate shoot. Too much to do before the holidays!! L Family and I are headed up to the Grand Canyon, but I wanted you to know that I will definitely be there next shoot!!!


Thanks again for helping women RECLAIM THEIR POWER!! Peace, Jackie






Thank you so much for what you do. I am so inspired by going to the first class that I purchased my own firearm and have been to the range with it once already. I am excited about this weekend and the drills you have planned and I plan to be there! See you Saturday morning. Michelle




Hi Debbie,


Thanks so much for getting me started in women's training - I have my own gun now and my husband got interested again in guns too - we have been attending the workshops and some matches – Jim says I need to keep arms straighter when shooting - I keep practicing - Greg and I try to go to range a couple of hours every week to practice. Thanks again - hope to see you soon.






I am so happy to have met you and taken these classes with you. You are truly a God send.


Thank you. Sharon






Hi! Just a note to say thanks for the safety class back in June. Even though I haven't been out to the range for a ladies shoot since then, don't purge me from your list! I will get back there eventually (maybe September). I've been shooting several times with my husband since then, including to the Marksman indoor range in Tucson. I also recently purchased my first firearm, a Glock 26 for CC. I would not have gotten to this point without the encouragement I received from you and the other instructors in your safety class.


Take care and God bless. Bev




Hi Debbie, I just wanted to thank you for the class this morning! I had an absolute BLAST! I am looking forward to the next shooting dates. How often do we get emails about events? Thanks again! Keri




I enjoyed your class last Saturday and I am pretty sure it made it possible for me to pass the concealed weapons requirements Sunday! Please put me on your mailing list for updates on upcoming programs. Connie




I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Gun Class last Saturday, also I feel that I learned a lot. Your helpers we’re terrific. I’m looking forward to shooting again this weekend. I truly was afraid to shoot those guns. Thanks again. Sincerely, S.-




Hi Debbie: I just got the survey email and will fill it out. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Saturday experience, the class and all the wonderful help I received from Chris and the other instructor ladies. I really think it makes a lot of difference having a class/group of ladies only in how we help and encourage each other.


Your friends from Phoenix were just top notch folks.


It turned out that my dominant eye (the one with the little hole in the macular) is the right one. I hit the target using it but then I changed and used my left one (with the two handguns) and did a lot better. The lady instructor who did part of the lecture helped me with the rifle and by following her advice I was able to hit the target using my right eye. I was really pleased with the whole thing.


I'll be there in August and will buy some ear things in the meanwhile.


Thanks again for putting in all your time and effort to get these women together; I think it's going to be a great new club. Ethel






Great website! Thanks for replying to my email. We will really miss you and your wonderful laughter at our match this weekend. You bring a lot of sunshine with you and we can always use a happy and accurate shooter in our match.


Thanks for encouraging your ladies to come out. I know you “mother hen” them and that’s a good thing. But we are gentlemen and above all respectful and polite to women and so we would always help and encourage any of your ladies who come out and shoot with us. Hopefully some of them will make the match a regular part of their handgun training. Besides, you women always make the day a lot more fun, simply reminding us by your presence, that life is more fun when you are around. Bud




Hi Debbie
Just wanted to thank you so much for the class on Saturday. Being a virgin to the whole gun thing, I was a bit nervous but you and the other instructors put me at ease and were so helpful. By the end of the day I was ready to learn more. The rifle was my favorite. I look forward to our next meeting; I think my mother in law is talking to you about private lessons?! Thank you, Julie




Hi Debbie:


Thanks for the great time Julie and I had last Saturday. We both were impressed with your knowledge and vivacious personality. I want to take your NRA class but due to real estate conflicts would not be able to do it this month. Julie and I would like a couple of private lessons from you.




I need to take the NRA Pistol Class but am busy then. Please keep me posted on a later one.


You did such a good job of teaching the first class. I really appreciate it! Keep up the good work, V




Hi Debbie,

I really meant to drop you a note sooner to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday. I really got a lot out of the class and proudly showed my husband my "targets". He was quite pleased with my efforts. Your class did exactly what I wanted; I am no longer afraid to handle a gun. Actually, my husband will be taking me out for some practice. I may even shoot his Glock. All the best, Judie



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